Software Printrun error

Hi everyone,
I am a new entry in the community and I hope I am posting in the right category.

I am here to look for support for an error I have run into while doing some early tests on boards and step motors for a 3d printer I am currently working on.
In order to do my tests, I am referring to this video:

Ok, so I am now at the stage where I have my .gcode file imported in my print run software and when I start the print; the activity log on the right of the software interface, pops out an error message at 0.03% of the process stopping the print. Here below the error message:

Print started at: 16:40:05

[ERROR] Failed to set power settings:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “/Users/craigvanvliet/Desktop/PyInstaller-2.1/pronterface/build/pronterface/out00-PYZ.pyz/printrun.pronsole”, line 1186, in startcb

File “/Users/craigvanvliet/Desktop/PyInstaller-2.1/pronterface/build/pronterface/out00-PYZ.pyz/printrun.power”, line 130, in powerset_print_start

File “/Users/craigvanvliet/Desktop/PyInstaller-2.1/pronterface/build/pronterface/out00-PYZ.pyz/printrun.power.osx”, line 75, in inhibit_sleep_osx

File “/Users/craigvanvliet/Desktop/PyInstaller-2.1/pronterface/build/pronterface/out00-PYZ.pyz/printrun.power.osx”, line 52, in AssertionCreateWithName

File “/Users/craigvanvliet/Desktop/PyInstaller-2.1/pronterface/build/pronterface/out00-PYZ.pyz/printrun.power.osx”, line 44, in StringToCFString

AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘CFStringCreateWithCString’

echo:Active Extruder: 0

Error:MINTEMP triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0

[ERROR] Error:MINTEMP triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0

Error:Printer halted. kill() called!

[ERROR] Error:Printer halted. kill() called!

Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Any idea on how to solve it?