Sn754410ne dual motor driver not working on one side (one motor)

Thanks to @JAX, it's fixed. it was related to the push button. wires maybe broken or something, going to test further. But push button  2 works for both sides of the driver so it was indeed push button 1 that did not work.



Yesterday I finished my first tank, stacked two sn754410ne dual motor driver on each other and everything worked.

Today one side does not work anymore.

Today I added 4,7UF, 2,5v capacitor between one side, nothing happend.

Then I replaced it the previous capacitor with a 33UF, 10v capacitor, nothing happend. 


I did the same on the other side, and now that side does not work anymore after adding the capacitor.

When I power the arduino off, and then on it runs for 2 seconds, and stops working again. (Side B)

I removed all capacitors and tested it without:

Side A on the driver still works, Side B does not work.

When I change the motors, both work on side A but not on side B.


Is the driver dead on one side? I also don't get any voltage on side B when it supposed to be active.


Please help!

Thank you

Good form posting the solution here

That’s the problem with solving problems via the Shoutbox; the answer scrolls away, never to be seen again.

Glad to hear things are working again!