Smart servo rc mode


I have a project in which I am using a few HT1 smart servos.

I intend to use them in a radio control project, it seems that I need to hook them up to my computer in order to change the mode. I need to get them in to radio control mode

It seems that the smart servos have not come with any way to attach directly to the computer to enable programming.

I am looking to see what sort of adapter I need in order to interface with my PC so that I can enable programming.

I see that there are lots of boards that divides of things but I was curious if there is a adapter I could buy locally or if it is an adapter that I need specifically from robot shop and what that adapter is.

I have to say I’m a little disappointed that somebody can buy $600 in servos from robot shop and it doesn’t even suggest at the bottom that I pick up the adapter which enables programming.

Again, all I really want is to get these servos so that they will respond to radio control, currently none of them are in the proper mode, and it seems that I need the cable in order to do so.

Hello @Ericthelander and welcome to the RobotShop forum,

I intend to use them in a radio control project, it seems that I need to hook them up to my computer in order to change the mode.

That’s a way of doing it, but not the only way. You can also change the mode by using the button menu:

The way you mentioned is using this adapter:

Or you could also use a serial to USB adapter to connect it to your computer or you could program a microcontroller to send the commands through serial.

You can find more information here:

I hope that helps!

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To put the LSS in RC mode without the use of an adapter or pc, you need to use the button menu.

  1. Power the LSS servo (6-12VDC)
  2. Press and Hold the button for about 5 seconds then release it
  3. At this stage the servo should display the current mode with the appropriate colors
  4. Press and release one time
  5. At this stage you should have a solid YELLOW color
  6. Select the mode you want to use, the usual one is “RC 180deg” which is a single press and release
  7. The servo will reboot and will be in RC mode waiting for a proper RC signal.

Hello, I started using the button menu, but I saw your suggestion about using the interface board to program the servo using lss config.

I am trying to use lss config and the board you suggested, but I am having great difficulty getting it to recognize/interact with the servo.

I am in the correct port, but when I try to connect, it says that either I have a defective lss at that location or two more lss is with the location.
It says to look for Læssø with blinking red LED by the LED on my LSS is not lighting up for any reason having to do with connection with the computer.

I’m not sure what step I am missing.

Hi Ericthelander,

What have you done previously with the LSS ?
Because if you did set the servo in RC mode it will not communicate anymore with the interface.

If you could post some pictures / videos of what you are trying to do it would help a lot.

All the best,

Hi @Ericthelander,

The issue could be that you are trying to configure them all at once. The interface uses the servo’s IDs to identify them, the default ID for the servos is 0. Try connecting them one at a time and configuring the ID, once the servos have different IDs you can connect them all and configure them separately.

However, as dialfonzo mentioned, if your servos are in RC mode they will not be able to communicate with the interface.

I hope that helps!