Smart security systems

There is a great choice of old home security stuff. Old-fashioned wire fire alarms, cameras, and systems that work from wi-fi. I want to install the Ajax security system. There is the only company I liked when I was searching for information on the Internet. I am sorry if it looks like I am a snob. I would like to ask you for some recommendations of such progressive companies that produce modern security systems. I’d like to compare all of them to choose the best variant. Maybe I will change my point of view.

I have no experience of work with this firm, but I have read several positive responses about it, Maybe in the future I will install it too

Hmmm … haven’t heard of that system you talk about, is it good? Reliable?

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The truth for my taste is good in all the word since I loved it above all that I like it a lot I have been with it for 6 months and no fault only that the truth is that I find some other fault on the installation but the truth if I like it a lot on the other hand I do not know more surveillance systems but the truth I would like to know more equipment, on the other hand the truth is a good team without failures in any problems in this regard.