Slowing time constant(discharge) for cap

so....I'm back again!...

I have a small question,

I have finished a perfect classical conditioning analogue circuit for an AI, now i am gonna be using 4 "lobes" for the brain, i.e, touch sensor, colour sensor, memory bank, and output load. I am gonna be using the 2 different sensors for the stimulus(reward and neutral) and the output load for the response...of course,

so, I am gonna be using some arrays of capacitors as the memory bank, but a capacitor dishcarges do i slow the discharge?

I have a solution that I don't know if it will work, here's an example circuit that I crudely drew :P ....btw, this is not the memory bank of course, just an example to slow down the discharge...2. will this work?:

btw, to operate the circuit above, first charge the caps using the charging switch, then turn it off, then turn the main swith of the transistor......(note: transistor is used as a switch here)will the time constant slow down because of the resistor and the sum of the parallel capacitor? and will the amount of the resistance and the capacitance will be directly proportional as the time? (i saw  a subject saying that t=r.c....(t=time constant in sec.)


Ti’s was a success!!

tested with a 1 farad cap and a 69 ohm resistor…it worked! Max’s link shows that it should last till 69 seconds…should be good :slight_smile:

note: calculating the rc time constant is T=RC