Sliding glass door DC linear actuator control

Bought this actuator for my DC solar powered greenhouse to open and close patio doors automatically with a battery. It only comes with a keychain wireless remote.

What would I need to put some kind of programmable timer switch to open during the day, then close in the evening during the summertime and keep closed during wintertime unless it gets over 85degrees.

Also a thermostat to override all if the temperature ever gets over say 85 degrees to open the doors, then close them below say 72 degrees or so.


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Hi @Gardenbot and welcome to our forum.

You have an interesting project :slight_smile:

My first guess here is that you would have to use a PLC or a microcontroller in this case (for example Arduino). Are you familiar with these?

Both would be the “brain” of your application (you would have to program it), although PLC is more durable and expensive since it is used in industrial environment and Arduino is cheaper and easy to use.

Thank you.

Yes. Good project. Been using solar power to run 3 ceiling fans, 2 led grow light strips and 2 exhaust fans on a timer for a 43x12 greenhouse on the Oregon coast.

Not familiar at all with the acronym PLC or arduino other than I’ve seen it spoken snooping around.

I’m also hoping to expand to automate a watering system with a few 12v bilge pumps for some auquaponics later from an outside fish pond to circulate poopy fish water through the plant roots to feed the plants and filter the clean water back to the pond.

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HI @Gardenbot ,

PLC is acronym for Programmable Logic Controller. It is the “brain” of industrial production line, for example. But it is also widely used in automating the gardens for example.

It seems you have a lot of ideas, projects and work. Have you considered renting some company to do this for you, or you really want to do this on your own?

Thank you.

It has a built in limit switch if that helps to not over complicate things.

I’m just looking to use a thermostat and or a timer or something to do what the remote and transmitter/receiver does. Send a current till it hits the switch to open up, then reverse polarity to close down till it hits the other switch.

I’m not expert. Intermediate at best.

I think using an Arduino will be a good choice.

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Yes probably great to control speed and when and where it stops and a host of others.

What do you think of this timer I found on utube?

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Hi @Gardenbot ,

Give me some time to have a look.

Thank you.

Here I am.

The video from @tepalia02 is what I initially had in mind. Video shows nicely how to control actuator from Arduino. In your case, you would connect sensors (temperature sensor) to Arduino. Then, you can program it to open/close doors based on timing and/or outside temperature.

Basically you would need following:

Interesting and simple choice. But, how to included temperature variable in this case?

Ok I’ll check them out.

Doors need to always override timer and open if it ever gets above 85F then close at or below 70F or so unless timer is active. Will only open all day for 9 months of the year but closed during the day in the winter unless the temp gets over 85F which can happen on sunny days.

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I guess this shouldn’t be too complicated to program in Arduino code.

There will be know problem. The temperature sensor that you’ve selected within -55°C to +125°C. If you want to do month calculation, add an RTC to your parts list.

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Any link to the recommended product?

For the RTC part you can choose DS1307.

This is a tutorial on how to use DS1307: