Shout Box talking RPi

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UPDATE: Added files and blog about the project.

It has been a dream of mine to have the Shout Box read to me so I can feel like there are people of my ilk hanging out with me as I tend to a project. With the acquisition of a Raspberry Pi I thought it would be a good first project.

Goals were:

Low refresh rate/bandwidth consumption

Miss no shouts



After many iterations I have a basic working model that samples every 20 seconds or so. I would like to add more features but football is calling and I must submit this post and run! Video will be uploaded around (calculates) ... 1PM. It is currently 11:30AM as I type.

More details will come.



Added the files for download. Remove the .txt extension from both. They were only necessary to get them to attach to this blog. Keep the two files in the same directory. The python script needs to be set to executable as well. On startup it wil say it it can't find a file. Ignore that.

There is also a blog where I describe the steps taken to get here:

I also wanted to add you'll need to apt-get espeak and BeautifulSoup. The current version of BS is currently v4 but I believe I ended up with an older v3x version. You'll need to do some adjusting in the Python script if you go with the newer BS4.

Here’s a one-liner to speak

Here’s a one-liner to speak the first line of the shoutbox: 

lynx -dump -nonumbers | grep -m 1 ": " | festival --tts

Of course if you call that too often it’ll say the same line over and over !


Everyone sounds smart like

Everyone sounds smart like Stephen Hawking!


I knew there was an easier way! And how much easier, holy!

JAX,You got me psyched to


You got me psyched to play with my RaspPi!  Everytime I see a new project, I am amazed with what the thing can do.

Mid October work will slow down.  Can’t wait to play…