Ship motion measurement

Hi guys,
I’m new in this forum and also not working with robots actually, but I though I could find an help here about the installation of a IMU, or better an AHRS.

I work at the Centre for Marine Technologies and Ocean Engineering in Lisbon. Within the scope of a European project ( we are installing a measurement system on-board a containership. We are used to work with accelerometers, but generally with analog output.

This time we bought a AHRS with a digital output (UART). We should be able to handle it, but we have some problems with the hardware to connect the sensor to a computer or even better to a compact Rio.
The connector on the sensor is a SAMTEC FTM-110-02-F-DV-P as can be seen in the user manual:

Any suggestion is really really appreciated!!

Thank you in advance.

Hi @r_vettor

After searching the user guide, I’ve found how to install your product on a computer. Please take a look at page 81, you’ll find the instructions to install it using a DB9 cable on a computer.