Purchased several SES-V1 ROBOT ARMS. They all seem to be working fine except the servo on one of the claws is unresponsive. Suggestions?

@Terabyte0268 Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Some ideas as to why the gripper might not work:

  • The plastic horn which connects the gripper’s output spline at the center of the gripper (which rotates and pulls or pushes the curved plastic arms in and out) might have been put on the wrong way, so the arms end up always pushing against the center. To resolve this, remove the servo from the servo from the gripper (only being held in with one screw) and then try the servo on its own. If it works on its own, then it’s really the connection toe the gripper. To correct this, rotate the round plastic horn on the gripper so the teeth are full closed, and the “arms” are completely underneath and hidden by this horn. If they are rotated the wrong way, they won’t be fully covered. Remember, the curved part of the arms wrap around the horn. Send a closed position command to the servo, and then connect it to the horn / gripper. Send an open command and if that doesn’t work immediately, the signals are wrong (you can either open the gripper and reconnect or send what should be an “open” signal).

  • The cables are connected incorrectly: This is an easy verification where you follow the cables from that servo to the extension and verify that the yellow continues with the yellow, black with black (red is center). Then, onto the next extension, and finally to the base. The cable connection at the base also needs to be correct.

  • If the servo is in fact burnt, proceed with the first one above where it’s removed and operated separately from the gripper.

Last, if the servo is not working properly, don’t operate it for long since the servo doesn’t actually know it’s forcing and will continue to try until it overheats.