Servo Specification

I am having trouble sifting through all the various servos that robotshop supply. Please advise if any can meet this spec:
Torque: 30kg/cm minimum
Power supply: 12v preferred but 6v may be acceptable
Travel: 180 degrees minimum, 270 preferred
Control input: 3.3v logic level compatible peferred
Gears: metal preferred
Environment: Waterproof preferred but for experiments we mightbe able to compromise
Size and weight are not really a problem but, as usual, cost is.


Torque: 29Kg-cm
Power: 12V (11.1V LiPo is ideal)
Travel: 360 absolute
Control: 5V (perhaps a 3.3V to 5V logic level converter?) though it’s ideally a smart servo
Gears: Metal
Environment: not at all water or dust resistant (too many openings)

Check out the servo motor category here:

Smart servo motors here:

Thanks for that suggestion, I will look at this device more carefully. The only immediate problem (apart from the cost!) that I can see is that it would only be suitable for a prototype as it is DEFINITELY not waterproof! :slight_smile: The 3.3v/5v problem is easily solved.

Hitec makes a number of waterproof servos (most have a blue case):
However most operate at the normal 6V input and are waterproof up to around 1m.

Thanks, yes, we had spotted that. The 6v power requirement is the biggest problem as it means an extra converter. We have 12v or 36v available already. We are doing some VERY careful torque measurements to determine if a lower rating may help solve our problem. This would reduce the rating/size of converter if a lower value can be used.