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My name is Martin and iam studing on technical university and i wanna create for my diplomas work 4 legged robot anything like spot from boston dynamics, but smaler. The robot will have 4 legs which each of leg will have a 3 servo motors which means 3 joints. The whole robot weight will be about 1,5 kg without servos.

And the question is… Could you recomended me the right servos for my project please?

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@M4RV Welcome to the RobotShop Community. If you want to go for smart servos (as opposed to RC) which have a lot more features and functionality, you can take a look at Lynxmotion’s mechDOG:

This seems very similar to what you’re describing in terms of size and weight. If you only purchase the servos and plan to create your own mechanics and electronics, you’d save money.

Other quadrupeds here for inspiration:

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Thank you for your reply. but what when i can not go with smart servos? Because it is expensive for me.
Could you recomend me any?

Not a problem, but at 1.5Kg, each servo will have quite a bit of weight to support. You’ll ideally need an RC servo capable of at least 30kg-cm if not more. If you can, it would be best to pre-calculate the torque needed at each joint because otherwise you might find you’ve designed and built a robot which can’t lift itself up, or collapses when two legs are lifted etc. If you plan to 3D print the robot, be sure to take into account that it can weight quite a bit.

A comparable project you might research is the SPOT MICRO - it’s open source and a big community of participants.

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