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I have an application where I am using 4 smart servo motors (LSS) and controlling them individually using an arduino uno and the LSS adapter. During use, 2 of the 4 motors get their ID reset to 0 and then the code can no longer individually communicate with them. The two motors this occurs to seem to change. I use the LSS config tool to set the ID and the ID is never changed in my arduino code. I wanted to use the serial ID of the motors to link that to an ID. This way, when the IDs are set to 0, they can be reset based on their serial ID. However, upon querying the serial ID of the 4 motors, they seem to have the same serial ID. Is that normal? Is there another way to reset the IDs after they change to 0 without using the LSS config software?

Hi KC, welcome to the RobotShop Community.

The first thing would be to understand why the ID is getting set back to “0” as it should not.

Maybe you are sending a “DEFAULT” or somehow overwriting the “ID” in your code (ID or CID command)?
Are you using serial write or the LSS Library ?

I’m not sure why the Serial is the same, this is something written at the Factory and should be incremented.
What do you get as a reply when doing a query in the LSS-Config for the Serial ?


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Hi dialfonzo,

Thanks for the reply.

In my code I send RESET when the system needs to be reset. But the IDs remain the same after the resets. I am unsure if I am sending DEFAULT. I am not using ID or CID command and I am using the LSS library to communicate with the servos. When I query the serial number, the number I get for all the servos is 14163220123538451.

Let me know if I can provide more info to help. Thanks again!


Hi KC,

It is not possible to use the Serial to re-flash the ID on the servos if there is more than one LSS with the ID “0” on the bus.
You would need to send an “#0CID” which will affect all servos with ID “0” at the same time.

Using the LSS Config, can you test and compare what you get as the SERIAL number for each servos with the CMD “QN” ?

I get the following on my servo here:

<< *0QN141082788932560305

The main issue for me is the fact that your servos go back to ID “0” and that should not happen.
On top of that, only two of your four servos do that.

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Hi dialfonzo,

I have set my four servos to have unique IDs, 0,1,2,3. When I send the CMD “QN” I get the following results on the LSS Config

<< *0QN14163220123538451

<< *1QN14163220123538451

<< *2QN14163220123538451

<< *3QN14163220123538451

I am not sure why the servos go back to ID 0. It happens infrequently but enough times to look for a long-term fix. Additionally, I am not sure if this will affect anything but I purchased 4 high torque smart servos but the LSS Config tool recognizes one of them as the Standard Torque model.


There are no ways you can actually set the ID automatically after they would change back to ID 0.
You really need to disconnect one of them and set the ID after.

Would you be able to share your code ?

As for the model, tomorrow we will check our inventory to see if there is any issues with our last produced batch of servos.
The HT1 which is reported as a ST1, does it have a Brass or Stainless output shaft and is the Sticker ST1 or HT1 ? Maybe that’s just a label issue and you got a complete ST1 instead.

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Hi dialfonzo,

I can share, but I don’t think I can share on a public form. Can I communicate with you via email?