Servo driven robot leg able to kick or throw a ball

I’ve designed a servo-driven arm with a special mechanic, which is able to throw a tennisball or heavier stuff 50-100cm wide. For now it’s only a proof of concept, there’s plenty of room for improvements.
It has enough grunt to kick a ball too. Maybe useful for soccer-bots or in robot fighting?

I’ll build a hexapod around it and hope it can jump really high/wide, but then what…?
Do you have any ideas, what else to do with it? Playing robot-darts?
Would there be enough interest in such a mechanic to invest money?

Thanks for reading, please feel free to comment

If it can do as you indicate, potentially have the robot able to run / sprint / jump (not only walk)?
That’s the next step for RoboCup and almost all legged robots in general.

I’m sure it wont be able to run faster, because the speed of the servos stays the same. A biped will probably loose balance when it kicks a ball to hard. We will see.
But wherever a series of punch/kick/jump is helpful, we will have a big advantage.

I made an improved servo arm and released a short video. It’s still a proof of concept, so bare with me :slight_smile:
robot leg kicks, jumps and throws balls

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It will be interesting to see that idea transferred to a bipedal robot, or see how high / far it can throw an object. The general principle is sound, of extending a spring to create the force needed (and using a servo to do so). The part which I don’t recall ever seeing is how you chose to release the tension in the spring repeatedly, since an RC servo alone would either move too slowly or be damaged.

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DAMN, I knew I should’ve filed a patent :wink:

There’s already a ‘hand’ attached to hold a ball. Will make a video throwing some baskets tomorrow…

I couldn’t wait to see it throwing, so here’s the first video:

The last time it throws the ball, I held down the vice, because it kicked back before. A biped will have problems to keep steady…


Suggest experimenting with the configuration of the spring and 4-bar: you can likely get better motion / greater distance if the ball holder is connected to one of the “side” bars.
Does the idea already exist? Not a clue.

Sure there’s room for improvements, but it was build to replace the femur/tibia part of a hexapod leg.
I’ll put more brains into adapting this concept into the hexapod. I searched your shop for adequate servo brackets, but couldn’t find one.
3D-printing the brackets will be difficult, they will eventually brake apart from the ‘brutal’ force.
I have to source the right raw material and make my own brackets and legs.