Servo Controls

I believe I require a servo controller to get a set of 4 servos working, which appear to be connected in a chain.

I have an Nvidia Jetson which I want to control the servos.

I would like to send an image but it does not allow as I’m a new user.



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Hi @AndyL and welcome to our forum!

If the servos are connected in chain, it is possible that these are smart servos that are controlled via UART.

Can you give us the manufacturer and model of these servos?

If you cannot post on the forum, post a photo online and give us the link.

Thank you.

The servos are 20kg MG 995 Brand Deegoo, and MG90S Brand FPVDrone the Servo Controller is a RTrobot 32 ver 3.7.2 that I am currently running the problem that I am having with it is saving the file not very good documentation with it.
I have purchased the lynxmotion SSC-32U board I have downloaded the documentation and the servo sequencer cannot find how to make the sevos operate. The Head Pro has a Pi camera and a Pi4b with all kinds of documentation to run it, I also program in Ardunio. Youbionic has closed and no way to communicate with them.

@normhuntley The SSC-32 Servo Sequencer is really only meant to run on a Windows machine and connect directly to the SSC-32 via USB (or Bluetooth). If you’re using an Nvidia Jetson (which doesn’t run Windows so far as I’m aware), you’ll need to do some programming. Select a programming language which is compatible with the Jetson (and which you know how to use or want to learn), and you’ll need to create some basic code to send compatible commands via USB to the SSC-32U. For example, Python can be used. The pins on the Jetson can be used instead of the USB, but you need to know a bit about logic level conversion and electronics.

You mention “chain” though the SSC-32U Servo Controller only controls normal RC servo motors (which it seems you have), not smart (daisy chained) servos.

If you want to use Arduino, we have seen a few people able to load the Arduino IDE on a Jetson. Example:

One again, the SSC-32U is NOT a programmable board. It accepts commands from an external source (in your case the Jetson) which send it serial commands. Since the SSC-32 Sequencer and other Windows-based software cannot be installed on the Jetson, you’ll need to use a program which can send commands via serial and program it to do so.

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I have windows computer, I was reading in the Flowbotic studio on page eight says the disc button allows you to save and load servo configurations for use in t he future. This is handy if you have created a servo setup for a particular application that you use often. I also saw that you can make an app. I find it hard to believe that you can’t do what you want without loading other programs. I don’t see anything in the documentation that says you have to load anything else. I can do this in Ardunio but don’t want to. I am a retired company owner 86 years old that have been 3d printing for over 10 years and i have a number of robotics programmed in Ardunio. Lookin forward to expanding my knowledge in other programs.

I find it hard to believe that you can’t do what you want without loading other programs.

The SSC-32U is a dedicated RC servo controller, where users are not supposed to load their own code onto the microcontroller. FlowBotics Studio can work with the SSC-32U as the main “brain” sending it commands, but it cannot be used to flash new code to the board.

The BotBoarduino however is a reprogrammable microcontroller, but it is not supported by FlowBotics Studio (which cannot compile and upload code to an external microcontroller).

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