Serial data chart generator

Once in a while we need to visualize the data coming out of sensors or functions we have in the microcontrollers.To do that normally we send the data through the serial port and then copy that same data to excell which makes it hard to see it in real time.

Based on that need I developed this simple windows application that allow to see the data in real time in chart form.

To use it you have to simply configure the format of the csv string, serial port, baud rate, min/max values and scale.

It allows also to take snap shots of the chart to a file so you can see it later (very helpfull for class projects).

The format string tells the program the axis name and csv position: <index1>|<sensor_name>,<index2>|<sensor_name2>

csv output example:

format string:

chart example (different values):


If your CSV has more ellements than the ones you want to see on the graph just choose the index (zero based) accordingly.

Use the download link (from sourceforge) to get the MSI and check the other link for source code and more information.

Hope it will help out in your projects.



29-06-2013 - Minor update

  • Serial Port refresh button
  • Higher baud rate

Nice idea

Nice general purpose tool, think I’ll give it a try.  Thanks for the contribution!