Serial Com. the right way?


Hi Guys.

Ive been using alot of UART communication between my panda II and bluetooth, and from pc, vice versa.

But always pretty simple things, like sending a text. waiting for it, then maybe reply back..

But i just started on a small robot project, and i control my servos via bluetooth from my computer. (Virtual serial port, to my itead BT shield).

And i just send text commands like "up" "down" "left" "right" "stop" to control my servos.

but i now plan to add a ultra sound range finder (Paralax "Ping)))").

And now im thinking, that i maybe should optimize the way i do this... since i might want to transmit and recieve, motor control, servo's, cammands from and to ping, and so on.

So is there some guidelines on how i should transmit and recieve data, so i wont collide data? whitch i guess will happen if i just start sending text back and forth with no form of control?


Hope this question makes sense :)