SEN0390 Ambient light sensor collection time

I am using the SEN0390 sensor with Arduino but I see that its sampling frequency or collection time is quite slow since it takes time to update the value of the current light intensity.
I see that in the library you can define a “manual” mode (eManual) in which there are combinations of “CDR” and “TIME” but I don’t know how to define these values.
I tried with:


Where I am defining manual mode, CDR_0 so that it does not divide the CDR and the collection time in 25ms. However, the behavior of the sensor remains the same, the sampling frequency does not change.
Has anyone already managed to change that parameter with said sensor?

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Product in question: DFRobot Ambient Light Sensor (0-200klx) - RobotShop
Library and sample code:

Have you taken a look at the library itself to see what the issue might be? The manufacturer included a lot of commentary.