Semi-flexible or fixed-arc screen

I am looking for a decent screen that is flexible or is already curved.

I am building a model with a lot of parts and this is the only thing I cannot find! Basically I need to be able to bend a screen or get a decent arc in one to make it work. It would need to bend abound the arc of a telephone pole and only needs to be about 2 inches by 6 inches. I need something that is a better than a set of simple LEDs but doesn’t need to be as good as a computer monitor (for now).


Even if there’s tricks you know of to make it LOOK like that, it’d be appreciated.

Hey @revof11

Sadly, I can’t find a LCD that is flexible / already curved of that dimensions. I would suggest you to go with curved PC monitor if you really want the curved aspect.

You could also use 3 screens to obtain a “curved” aspect, depending of your setup (however, controlling 3 LCD with a microcontroller would be quite tedious, if not impossible).

I might actually use multiple screens to see what I can do. I might also be able to get a glass cut to sit on top of something to give it the appearance of what I want.