Semi-autonomous Quad-rotor Helicopter

Some of you may remember me posting a robot page last week about this subject. It was decided (and I agreed with it) by Fritsl to remove it from there as it was no more than idea at the moment. That said, it was a very firm idea as this makes up a third of this ears mark and a sixth of our final Master's classifications!

One of our group members has started up a Blog on Blogger to keep a track of thing, so click the link below and you can follow it to keep up to date with what we're doing.

Link to Project Blog

Once we get some stuff built i'll create a robot page again and will update that at the same time as the blog.



Motors and Props
Have you selected your motors and props yet?

I think so, I’m dealing with

I think so, I’m dealing with the object detection/avoidance so I’ve not really been keeping tabs on what’s happening on that side of the project! The idea is to order parts this week, so I think that my mate has a few in mind!

Once they are selected they will be put onto our project blog!