Selling used Litter Robot 3


I’m selling a used Litter Robot 3. I’ve had it for about 3 years, used with 2 cats. It stopped working and i was getting a rapid yellow flashing light that i couldnt fix. If you are handy you might be able to fix it with minimal effort. All original parts and peices intact.

I am in NJ area. Not sure if it can be shipped due to size but open to discuss.


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@Rachelw745 Have you reached out here to see if the issue can be resolved? A functional robot will always attract more money than one which has issues.

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@Rachelw745 We don’t find any orders from RobotShop using the email here, nor any requests for support. Can we assume it was purchased elsewhere? Either way, did you contact Litter Robot about potentially diagnosing the issue? We also have this guide:

What would be price with included delivery to Croatia -Split?