Selection of DC motor with encoder

Hi - I am new to the forum

I am building a prototype device and want to get advice on selection of a suitable motor and encoder to be controlled by an Arduino.

I want to power this by a battery (ideally a 3.7V battery, recognising it will likely need the voltage boosted)

I need to control to say 5 degree increments on the position over a range of 90 degrees. This turns a mechanical valve from on to off

The torque is low (think of turning a volume wheel on a radio)

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Hi @tonescout and welcome to our forum.

For me, this looks like a job for a servo motor. Have you considered that already?

A standard hobby or “closed-loop" servo will have a movement range of 90 or 180 degrees. Some will be slightly greater or lesser than the specified range, so check the specifications of the motor you wish to use before implementing it in your project.

More explanation here: Servos Explained - SparkFun Electronics.

Thank you.