Seeking a 100mm 2.5 Thread Aluminum Gear for Pan/Tilt Device

I need to find an aluminum spur gear for a camera pan/tilt motor that has the diameter of about 100mm give or take. I intend to bore out the center to around 2” so I can put cable down the center, to obviate cable catching on the pan mechanism. I will do this part of the machining myself. I am including a photo here of the existing gear which is aluminum with a screw pitch gauge showing 2.5. Also, the motor gear here is shown but from the side. The gear is likely from India and metric coming from a company called ProAim. Thanks for any help you can offer to direct me to a less expensive gear than machining it myself for having one custom machined.

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Hi @gregondera and welcome to our forum.

It seems that RobotShop doesn’t have that exact gear.

If you don’t find it online, it seems that machining it can be only choice for you.

Who would machine such a gear?

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Hi @gregondera

Thank you for your reply.

There should be some machining workshop in your area. Workshop with CNC machines and similar that can design and do machining on metal parts.