Seek and Push BrainlessBot

This is a brainless robot challenge, those are the only ones I can build so far.

Objective: build a robot (with no programmable brain) that can seek and find an object and then push it out of the platform where both sit in the shortest time possible.


The platform is a square of 50cm

The object must be 3 times heavier than the robot

The object must be placed 10cm away from the platform edges

The robot should not leave the platform

To start the robot should be place "looking" completely opposite to the object, in other words not looking at it

The robot should NOT have a programmable brain (picaxe, arduino, BASIC, etc)

The robot should be autonomous

No limit in amount of sensors

The price of constructing the robot should not exceed 20 USD or valid currency exchange

If the robot is build completely of recycled parts the cost will be assumed as 0.5 USD

Each robot will be qualified by the formula (Time / cost) * 100

The best robot will receive a "Certificated of Awesomenticity"

Regards and have fun



Here’s my unofficial entry.

Here’s my unofficial entry. Its a brainless robot, but doesn’t meet the cost requirements.





Hey thanks for the

Hey thanks for the (unofficial) entry, it shows that it is possible. And it showed a minor flow on the rules :stuck_out_tongue: I am adding now. Did you meassure how long did it take the robot to find and push the object out?? just to have a bench mark