See you at Arduino Day 2016 at London

Hi there!

Maybe you know next Saturday 2nd of April is the Arduino Day. It's a day to celebrate the Arduino movement and all the good things we enjoy with Arduino.


There are many events globally that you can check here, and as I'm now at London, I though it could be nice to share some LMR taste there :-) In the place there will be also workshops and much more. If you are in London from 14h to 17h (BST) (Add to Calendarthat day and want to participate just sign here

I'll bring the mBot you know, and a new little tank one courtesy of RobotShop.  I'll be showing both robots in action and how easy is to re-program them. Videos, pictures, demonstrations and much more that day, before and after.

Also, if you want to see more stay tunned and keep checking our Twitter for news and how to participate. See your there!

Update 8th March 2016:

We will have a COUPON for the RobotShop online shop, for the visitors to us in the Arduino Day, they will be limited so hurry up! Find us there and grab your COUPON! It's a great opportunity if you are planning new experiments or just want to get some new parts.

Update 26th March 2016

If you have a child between 8 and 15 years old, your kid can participate and learn how to make and program a robot! Check it here. If you are not a child but want to participate, still check it here.

Might check it out since

Might check it out since it’s free. I live right near there which helps. I might even have some interesting bits to show off if I get my act together and get designing and printing.

That’s great!

Good danphobic!

It will be nice if we can meet there! Please send me a direct message so we can plan something. Thanks!


Theres a good chance me and

Theres a good chance me and my partner will be coming along :), her brother lives in London so we may go stay with him. Will LMR have a stand there or anything?

That will be great!!

Oh Lexisonfire!

That will be great if you come around! We’ll have a workshop for children with robotics. Also two tables to show robotics with arduino if there are some LMR people around to attend the table with a laptop… would you like to help there? Thanks!


Although I don’t have any robots in working order at the moment to bring with me, but i’ll definetly come around! :smiley:

That’s good!

Maybe you can help with a booth for LMR if you want to. If so, please send me a DM here.




I don’t know how much time I will have around, so I wouldnt count on me for much, but in the time I am around, I will happily help out where I can :slight_smile:

Free Tickets sold out?

Hey Francisco, 

I have just noticed the whole “sign up for a free ticket” has sold out. I had not actually signed up, are me and my partner still alright to just turn up and walk in, or have I missed my chance? 

I hadn’t realised that there was a set number of free tickets :frowning:



Hi! See you around then! :wink:

Yes, free tickets are sold out…


Yes, free tickets are sold out. The only way to enter now is to get a ticket for any workshop that gives access to the whole event (and the paid workshop). Sorry about that.

Kind regards,