Searching for a servo motor

Hi Iam searching for a silent strong servo motor which I can controle with an arduino. It has to slowly increasing to approximately 60 rpm and than slowing down.
It is for a sculpture as in this movie

The weight of the figure is 15 kg
Thanks in behalve!
Kind regards Tomas

Servos normally have higher RPM than what you’ve mentioned. For 15 KG load carrying capacity, this can be considered.

Thank You, but I need a much stronger version, I already used these servo’s and they are breaking down.

Kind regards Tomas

Oh! That’s disappointing. Let’s see what Robotshop team suggests. By the way, have you used Feetech SCS15 High Torque 6V 15kg Servo Digital Robot Servo?

@Tomasschats Welcome to the RobotShop Community. You mention “servo” but given that it does not seem position is involved at all, why not use a DC gear motor and DC Motor Controller?

It’s hard to get a sense of size of the unit to estimate how much torque you’d need. Keep in mind that RPM tends to decrease with a higher load, so choose a motor capable of more than 60rpm and use the motor controller to vary the speed.

Thanks, I used a different servo. Kind regards Tomas

Thank you very much! I think I am going to do this, do you know if this DC motor controller can be used with an Arduino which I can program? Kind regards Tomas

The sculpture is approximately 70 cm high but it is lightweighted because of the use of foam. Kind regards Tomas

You wrote “this DC motor controller” but no link? The choice of motor controller depends on the choice of motor, and also how you plan to control it.
There’s also the question of if you want the motor to be direct drive, or offset to the site etc. You’ll ideally need to provide additional details, though you said you have already purchased a new servo, so do we consider the question resolved?

Thanks for your help! I think indeed that the question is resolved.
Kind regards Tomas