Scroll the text on the matrix... without any electronic components!


Scroll the text without using any controllers or other components on the matrix except the arduino/picaxe and the matrix, and ya dont forget the current limiting resistors!

And by using only 10 pins. In case if your matrix is 5x5. For 6x6 matrix 12 pins and so on...

For refrence look at my posts for scrolling texts

I don’t have 25 LEDs of the

I don’t have 25 LEDs of the same color right now, so a trip to the electronics store is in order.

I might even get one of those 8x8 led matrix modules while I’m there.

You can use different

You can use different coloured LED’s if you wanna save a trip to the store.

Just remember no electronics except arduino,led’s and resistors

well I think it is simple

well I think it is simple you do what a shifter would do but with code right?

of course it is simplebut I

of course it is simple

but I don’t see the entries rolling in

No comments!!!

No comments!!!


So, I went to the electronics shop and instead of buying 25 leds I just got a led matrix. This is not some fancy matrix with integrated controller, just 40 leds in a single package. You still have a pin for each colum and row. Since this is a 5x8 matrix you need 13 pins to control it. Getting it to display and scroll LMR was easy so I went one step further and I wrote a function to scroll any arbitrary text. It is very late here so I will post the details tomorrow.

Show every detailmail me the

Show every detail

mail me the code sample how many lines of code did you had to write?

Ok, I posted it

You can check it out here:

**congratulations winner **

congratulations winner


How many internets did I win?

No internets?

Ok, maybe just an internet high five?

What if I refactor the code to look nicer?

Internets???Check you last


Check you last sentence, Kinda didn’t understand it

Code refactoring

Ya you did a wonderful job

Ya you did a wonderful job my code is a bit complex and instead of binary I used digital.write fun^c everywhere.

I ll post about the code soon