Scout - 3D Vision, SLAM, NLP, Neural Nets

Scout is a robot built to test 3D Vision, SLAM, NLP, neural nets, mapping, pathfinding, etc.  I am using this bot to test features meant for another and larger bot of mine (Ava v2).  My goal is to perfect the ability to move intelligently around my house from any point to any other point accessible to the robot.  I also intend to perfect the 3D perception system and a new spatial 3D memory for everything the bot sees.  This bot fuses data from multiple sensors and neural nets to perform the various functions.  This bot is controlled via voice remote, web page, or game controller.  This bot also has an autonomous mode.

See video and pics below.

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Great work once again :slight_smile:

When will we meet AVA v2 :smiley: ?

Thanks! I am not quite sure what you mean about meeting Ava, but that’s ok. I posted both Ava and Scout on LMR. I am hoping to make a video of me talking to both at the same time soon. I tried yesterday but somehow a new bug emerged with Ava during the couple weeks of downtime she had. Sometimes Microsoft installs a new windows update and something just stops working. Hopefully I will get Ava converted over to use the hardware setup that Scout has and both bots will get reliable like Scout is right now.

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Hi @mtriplett :slight_smile:

When I wrote “to meet Ava v2”, I meant, when will we see it in the Projects section :slight_smile:

You posted AVA like half a year ago, but AVA v2 should be completely new robot? Or not?

Thank you.

Ahhh…I understand now. I think I got confused because Ava’s name in the link is (v2) and when I posted the bot on other sites, I often refer to it as “Ava v2” . I totally understand now what you meant.

By the way, here is a link to my actual first Ava (v1) if you haven’t seen it…little Ava. I’d love to get your feedback.

You are right, months have gone by since I first posted “Big Ava” - v2. I dove into 3D and mapping more and then decided I needed to build a smaller bot to test with…that became Scout.

Now that Scout is done, I am realizing I want to change over the electronics in big Ava to be like Scout and get Ava moving around the house sooner and more often.

Scout looks just like my original robot (Anna), but has a lot better brains and sensors. The software part is still needs to catch up to Anna in some areas. Anna was a smart cookie in her time.

Now you have met the whole family. I still have huge plans for Ava. She is and will be my “premier” bot project. I did power her up yesterday for a bit for some light conversation and gestures…until I got distracted by Indy 500.

Thanks again for commenting. I am glad some are still participating here on LMR.

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That’s a big and nice family :smiley:

Maybe you could make something similar to BostonDynamics New Year dance video? :slight_smile:

Like this: