SCORBOT ER IX (AKA ER9) no manual control

Hi Guys and Girls,

I’m following this forum for quite a while.

Last week a SCORBOT ER IX was given to me.
It seems to be working fine. Homing works and also it wants to run some programs already on board.
But I can’t get it to working manually.
It doesn’t respond to the Teach pendant (open and close gripper works, also I can enable and disable axis)
but I can’t move any Joint’s.

I also got the ATS Terminal software.
This has exactly the same problems, I can use all the functions, but when set to manual mode, It only wants to open and close the gripper
but it doesn’t respond tot the keyboard strokes moving the axis AKA joints.

I Am Also looking for the SCORBASE Software.

Can Anybody please help me get on my way?

My goal is get the arm working and use it for all kinds of experiments.
The first I want to try, is pickup finished prints from the build plate of my 3D printer and after that start a new print)
Als I want to see if I can Automate my coffeemaker :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx in Advance, and best regards Eddy

Hi Eddy,

Welcome to RobotShop’s forum and thanks for posting.
We unfortunately don’t offer the ScorBot, therefore, we don’t have much information about it.
We suggest you to contact Intelitek, the manufacturer of this robot that might be able to help you.

Thank you for your reply,

I have mailed Intelitek several times, but unfortunately they don’t respond to my e-mails.
My robot is probably to old, and they don’t have the decency to answer my mail and tell me that.

best Regards, Eddy

Sorry to hear that
Maybe someone from the RobotShop’s community that has experience with your robot will be able to help out.

Thank you,
I sure hope somebody can help.

Intelitek came trough, the send a free Licence key!

Were you able to get the Scorbot ER IX up and running? I acquired a couple of these robotic arms at a surplus auction. I’m just looking to obtain software to test the units. Any suggestions?