Saying HI again. Still here building bots

Hello again!

It has been ages since I have been on LMR and I missed you guys something fierce! :-)

I have just built another "generic" Arduino based bot (it WAS NOT fun getting the driver to install in Windows 8!!!)

(I will try and get a picture and more details up when I can, but basically it uses a Arduino Uno, a servo/Sharp rangefinder combo and a L293D bridge chip to control 2 very low power motors driving the wheels in differential form. Like I said, pretty generic.)

I am using the "MariaMole" IDE (see: as a nice replacement for the "standard" Arduino editor. (You do still need the old editor installed as this acts more like an advanced shell, but I fell in love with the code colors!)

LMR, Thank YOU for still being here and looking better than ever.


Long time no see.

Good to see you are still kicking about. I am guessing you keep forgetting your username/password? :slight_smile:

It is worse!


My old computer died and I kept all my passwords on it. I just never did print them out! Duh!!!

My new Windows 8 machine without a touch screen (a real love/hate relationship…) will be treated better. I will practice printing of important things and actively backing it up! (Something else I ignored on the old machine.)

It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks! :slight_smile:


At least,

you are still kicking. :smiley: