Say hello to the new Shoutbox

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Fellow LMRians,

We’re thrilled to introduce today the new and improved Shoutbox for Let’s Make Robots! Based on your feedback and knowing the Shoutbox was where great conversations started, we worked on implementing a new system for the community with substantial improvements both under and over the hood.


  • First, the Shoutbox is now powered by Slack. This comes with a huge list of benefits and features :
  • You can now join different channels, or create your own public or private ones!
  • You can also send direct messages to other users - and even voice or video call them!
  • You can reply to a message and start a thread about the topic. This eliminates confusion and makes your life easier by grouping together replies to a certain message.
  • You can attach files!
  • You can search in the history (up to 10,000 last messages)
  • You can use it on LMR’s website. Or on your PC, your phone, or your tablet through Slack’s native app


On LMR’s website, you’ll now see the Shoutbox is more prominent, allowing for a better user experience chatting on it. You can also chat in the 5 main public channels: #General, #Help, #Projects, #Announcements, and #Welcome.


Click on the floating blue button to open the chat


When the chat is opened


To benefit from the app and all the features, just head over to to get your invitation or sign-in. Your Slack account is separated from your LMR account and is required to use the app and most of the features outlined above.

We can’t wait to see how this new tool will help foster great and passionate conversations and strengthen the bonds of the community.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about this new feature!


Congrats for pulling this challenging integration off! I’m sure the community will forever be grateful!


I do not see the shout box from the LMR top level. Got here via the “Recent blogs post” button.

Not sure to get what you meant :frowning:

Could you elaborate?

Shout box

I expected a shout box selection option from the main menu.


We’ll see what we can do!