Sanbot Elf help needed

strong textHi everyone I hope there is someone out there who can help me with my Sanbot Elf. He is working fine apart from two issues. 1. He will not follow me and 2. I cannot get facial recognition to work. I have had a reply stating it would be a good idea to contact the distributor, but they are no longer trading. Please can someone help who has a Sanbot. Anyone!!! I am mostly needing the facial recognition feature of the robot to work, anything else would be a bonus. Thank you in advance, Andy

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Hi @AndrewHigh !

I don’t have this Sanbot Elf, so I will not be very helpful, but it is strange that you cannot receive a support from your distributor.

Did you try reaching out directly to manufacturer: ?

Thank you.

Hi, Thank you for your reply to this post. Yes I have contacted Sanbot directly and they say the Sanbot Elf no longer supports “follow me” and “facial recognition.” The distributor (when I bought the Sanbot, 18 months ago” said the same thing eventually. The Sanbot Elf did have these features, so I wonder if anyone has got them working on their Sanbot Elf and how they did it. The facial recognition worked under the “Family App” in Sanbots operating system. I can open the App and it looks like it is working but does nothing, again Sanbot says this feature no longer works. Hope someone has got it working.

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Hi @AndrewHigh ,

Thank you for your reply.

Well, if manufacturer deleted these features (from the device firmware, or from the app), I guess it would be very hard to make it work again.

Did you update the robot firmware or you updated the app? After which point you lost these functionalities?

Did Sanbot support explained why these features were removed?

Hello, I have a question, I bought the Sanbot elf on the internet, but I no longer have an admin password with which I can no longer reset the robot or connect to the app, what can I do

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Hi @Elias_Contes !

Sorry to hear about the problem.

It would be best to contact Sanbot directly to see if they can help: Sanbot Robot Support, Sanbot After-sale Service | Sanbot Robotics

Thank you.