Sabertooth 2x32 shutting off

I have a sabortooth 2x32a motor driver running two wheelchair motors. This issue is that it keeps shutting down that requiers me to kill the power to the sabertooth and start it back up. It does it at different times and for no real reason that I can tell. Any suggestions? Is it too small? Is there a better option?

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HI @Mississippi and welcome to our forum.

Please share with us some photos of the actual wiring or some simple schematics.

Also, do you have datasheet for the motors you are using?

Thank you.

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Here is my wiring. This is my first go at this. I got info from watching youtube and as far as a schematic, I don’t have one for the motor controller.

It may happen due to shortage of sufficient current. What is the voltage and current ratings of these wheelchair motors?

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The motors are cim cm808-075b. I cannot find exactly what the power settings are, but I did see that one forum had a reply that said they were 24v 75amp motors.

Maybe the 75 in the model number represents the amps.

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Hi @Mississippi

Yes, it seems that these can draw 75A each. Probably this is the problem since the driver is designed for 32A per channel.

I think so also. I ordered (2) single 60 amp continuous controllers with a max of 100 amp spike. This is all that I could find considering budget. I will put 80 amp breakers on the 24v power leads.

Question, could I run 1 power lead and jump it to supply power to both controllers and (1) 125 amp breaker before the first controller?