Sabertooth 2x32 power on without control hooked up?

Should I see a power light? Battery charged, motors work when direct connected, no lights on Sabertooth or power led on Joystick.

I built a prop for a play but made the mistake of storing it in an area in which people had access.
Mobility Scooter motors with 12 Axis JoystickServo Controller. I’m not getting power light on the joystick or the Sabertooth. I disconnected power for storage so I thought it didn’t work because the batteries were dead. If this was pushed around would the motors generate enough electricity to backfeed and fry my sabertooth?

Picture shows it when I had in RC controlled. Director wanted rider to '“drive”

UPDATE: I stripped this down to the elements and started over with my RC set up. The driver-driven had a bubble machine added to it and it seems someone spilled bubble solution into/onto the joystick. Everything works as it’s supposed to in RC Mode.


Hi RussNe,

Thank you for your post and I’m glad you managed to solve this issue by yourself.

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