Sabertooth 2x32 driving a motor 24v with a 12v brake

Hi all struggling to get my sabertooth 2x32 to let the brake off on the motor before driving does anyone know how to correctly set this up I can get the motor to run no problem just it is really important to have a working brake to hold the vehicle on a hill when parked any help will be much appreciated either in wiring diagrams or in text thanks all15808544240617867715387166329265


If you have electromagnetic brakes on your motors, these can be connected to the Sabertooth’s 2x32 auxiliary 8AAmps outputs as explained in the Sabertooth’s user manual page 9 and page 14

If you are using the power outputs for electromagnetic brakes, the positive side of both brakes connect
to the B+ terminal. The negative side of the M1 brake connects to P1, and the negative side of the M2
brake connects to P2. Remember that to use brakes you must set the power outputs to brakes mode
using the DEScribe PC software.
In this mode, the power outputs are used to operate electromagnetic brakes. P1 corresponds to motor 1
and P2 corresponds to motor 2. When the motor stops, the brakes activate after the Turn-On Delay.
When the motor is commanded to move again, the brakes deactivate immediately, but the motor does
not turn until the Turn-Off Delay has elapsed. If an emergency stop is commanded, the brakes will
activate after the E-Stop delay has elapsed.

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