Sabertooth 2x25 v2 "Pop" sound when plugging in battery?

So I’m testing this old motor / electric system someone else made with my own new battery. It worked GREAT the first time I plugged it all in, and used the futaba transmitter to run the motor and servo. I then unplugged the batter to turn it off. I wanted to swap the servo for a different one, and went to power it back on. I plug the battery in and hear a small ‘pop’ when it plugs. Slightly concerned, it took me a second try still with a pop to power up my sabertooth driver. The motor driver seemed to work fine after the initial battery connection was made. HOWEVER, upon connecting driver to the receiver, the motor spun up to %100 or so and I immediately unplugged the battery. This was with NO INPUT from my transmitter. I then thought to unplug the receiver, and still pops! anyone have a guess?

Sabertooth 2x25 v2 creates ‘pop’ sound every time I connect the battery, even with no receiver. When the receiver is plugged in, the motor starts running %100. 6S Lipo is brand new so I don’t want to ruin anything. Anyone know the issue?!?!

Thanks so much, in advance.

SLIGHT UPDATE. A new day somehow means different performance. I tightened the S1 (PWM) screw wire holder and the motor no longer flips out with no signal (at least for now fingers crossed)

However I still get the initial “Pop” sound when I plug the battery. My guess is that I need to connect the ground to the S2 screw wire holder? Maybe? Who knows… not me.

Hello @Storm78,

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We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Sabertooth driver.

To help troubleshoot and resolve this issue in a timely manner, you may contact the manufacturer with the following methods:
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