RX TX pair of small RC car Project

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Hello Guys,

Had been away for a while..

Missed you all.

So this time I am working on a project of a RC car

Small on easy one yet i am stuck in the RC part of it...

I want it simple,

I know I can achieve this with Arduino XBees and all but this time I wanna keep this simple..

I want a TX RX pair with which i can just run the motor with the help of a switch..

thats it...

Just a button connected to TX and a motor connected to the RX along with the battery

I heard there are some readymade pairs available for this purpose but even after an hour on google..

I couldn't get the required thing.. 

... XD

THanks in Advance

what about

what about this?




or this 




will this do the job?

Ya this is quiet

Ya this is quiet helpful



Easy and neatly explained!