Running multiple lynxmotion ssc32u with flow-botics sequencer


I havent been able to find any info in regards to the possibility of running multiple lynxmotion ssc32u boards and flow-botics sequencer from the same computer at the same time.
is it posible?

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

@joyfultalk Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Theroetically it is possible, though it has not been tested. FlowBotics can communicate with multiple COM ports, but you would need to create the custom program to do so, which won’t be easy. There is currently no “out of the box” solution to do this. Do you need more than 32 servos for your project?

Yes i will need more than 32 servo’s for my project. I have been using the maestro boards. The maestro boards can be daisy chained and the sequence can be loaded to the boards but I’m not crazy about the software. The flow-botics sequencer looks to be more ideal for the piece that Im building. So i would have to create an updated version of the flowbotics program to recognize multiple lynxmotion boards?

Since you don’t yet have the FlowBotics Software, this is an idea of how the SSC-32U software was created:

When you go to edit the sequencer, you get the image of the final software at the “Top”. Digging down into each section opens things like the “Servo Sequencer”, then the “COM port” etc.

Again, theoretically, you might be able to create a side-by-side version of the Sequencer which each connect to their own COM port, but it likely won’t be as easy as copy/paste and you’ll need to understand how FlowBotics is set up before making changes.

A bigger issue will be the sequencer itself in that an SSC-32U servo board only has 0-31 servos, and these cannot be reconfigured to be 32-63, so you’d likely still need two separate sequencer interfaces.

Perhaps a simple alternative is to have two Sequencer software open on the PC? How many servos does your project have?

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would it be possible to have multiple sequencer windows open, each controlling their own ssc-32u from one PC? I think I will be controlling upwards of 100 motors, but to simplify things, they could be controlled in different groups of 32. How would that be achieved?

Certainly able to open multiple windows of SSC-32 Sequencer on the same computer, but don’t currently have multiple SSC-32Us to connect to the computer to test that each can be individually controlled. Also unsure if there might be conflicts in saving (best to save sequences individually in one interface just in case). Do you have more than one SSC-32U physically? If so, it takes a few seconds to check since the only difference will be the COM port.

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Unfortunately I don’t have any ssc-32u boards to experiment with. I was hoping to see if they would work for my piece before purchasing. Is there any other info that could be gathered from the manufacturer to see if their would be any conflicts….

We may be able to try connecting multiple SSC-32U to the same computer, but it will need to wait a few days if that’s ok.

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yes that would be great! thanks again.

Have not forgotten, but delayed by other priorities. Apologies.

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ok cool. hopefully it works

Apologies for the long delay. We should be able to test shortly. In theory it should work since multiple versions of the the software can be opened on screen and each can select a specific COM port. Note that each software window cannot communicate with each other to synchronize, so you’ll need to do that manually. Note that you can save and open sequences which might facilitate the process - i.e. save the first for 32 servos, then open it in another to get the timing right (and replace each). Just an idea. Will get back to you shortly.

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@joyfultalk A colleague confirmed it works as expected! You should be good to go.

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ok great. I really appreciate the help
thanks so much

one more question… can the lynxmotion board store sequences so it can function without a computer.

Unfortunately not. The SSC-32U is not a “programmable” servo controller, which would require a separate controller (like the BotBoarduino Arduino-compatible microcontroller). The SSC-32U is designed to receive input from a computer (via USB), serial (Tx, Rx GND pins) or wirelessly (XBee headers for XBee, WiFi Bee or Bluetooth Bee modules).

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hey there, do you know where I can purchase another lynxmotion ssc 32.

@joyfultalk The SSC-32U is currently affected by the semiconductor shortage, but we are working hard to continue productions. We can allow individual orders to customers though the bulk of the stock is reserved for Lynxmotion kits. Please contact us at [email protected] with the request, as well as your account and we will provide a quote for your approval (since it cannot be purchased online at this time). Sorry for any inconvenience.

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