Run 12V stepper with 5V? [SOLVED]

Hey guys I have a quick question. I've never used a stepper motor before, but I have one that will fit my new robot nicely. It is a 12V motor kinda like the one below

I don't have a 12V power supply right now, only a 5V. I want to know if this motor works before I go and buy a new battery. Does anyone know if it will even work with 5V? I just need it to move just enough to let me know it works, then I'll go get a battery. 

Note: I'll be controlling the motor with a project board that has H-bridges on board, and I have the coding almost finished. 



I was able to get the motor working with 5V. It's very weak but it's enough to let me know it works. Sadly, I didn't notice what it's top speed was...about 13 rpm, much to slow for my need. I wish I would have seen that before I put time into it, but at least now I know how steppers work. The motor is a unipolar motor with 5 leads, it was pretty tricky to figure out how to wire it up, if anyone ever has one and doesn't know how to use it, holler at me. 

After some searching …

as I am at best a beginner, undervolting could be bad for the stepper as it will cause it to heat up faster. This statement is based on forum post #79 I read here:

If you’re creative you can

If you’re creative you can probably get 12v or close to it from somewhere.  Eight AA batteries in series will do it, a 9v battery may work just for testing but may not tell if it is bad, only that it is good.  Your computer power supply puts out 12V, and you can also use a 12V wall wart/AC adapter which can be bought at a second hand store for probably a couple bucks.

If you have an old ATX power supply you might consider making one of these!


I didn’t think about a wall

I didn’t think about a wall plug! I have one laying around here somewhere. Thanks man

Cool, I hope you get off to

Cool, I hope you get off to a good step.