RS-555 RB-Wtc-13 Shaft Diameter and Motor Mount Locations

I noticed there are two different RS-555 motor options offered in the store. The RB-Wtc-13 states a shaft diameter of 3.12mm (0.123in) but the RB-Wtc-06 states 3.175mm (0.125in) and explicitly mentions the P60 gearboxes. The -13 motor has better specs (twice the output power) and matches the information provided for the RS-555 on Banebots, but the shaft diameter doesn’t match and the page does not mention the P60 gearbox. I realize we are talking about 53 microns here, but does anyone know if the -13 motor mount locations and smaller shaft diameter will work with the P61 gearbox 500 mount plate and motor hardware (pinion)?

@jbattin83 Welcome to the RobotShop Community. The motors are effectively the same, and in both cases, the pinion gear would need to be pressed on. There was a time when BaneBots took the decision to no longer offer the motors on their own, and provided RobotShop with the contact details of their supplier so RobotShop could continue to offer them. They reversed their decision, though RobotShop has continued to carry the motors direct from the manufacturer as well.


Thank you for the clarification! Very helpful.