RPLidar A1M8 Mounting Screw


We just purchased a RPLidar A1M8 and can’t seem to find what mounting screws are used for it any where. Does anyone happen to know? Thank you!

According to the datasheet: https://www.robotshop.com/media/files/pdf2/ld108_slamtec_rplidar_datasheet_a1m8_v1.1_en_2_.pdf#page=14
You may customize the platform according to your need and requirement.

Hi, it doesn’t help us find the screws we need for the platform already made. On the first page your see the 4 tiny legs. This is the size of the bolt/screw I need thank you. I’ve tried 4-40(seems right but not)
,6-32 too big
M2 too small, M3 too big

HI @Duck,

Can you post a photo of problematic part/thread ?

Yes here is the picture.

Hi @Duck,

Thank you for the photo.

I will try to contact manufacturer and I will let you know.

We were facing same issue when we received the RPLidar Package. We found that the 2-56 screws works the best for mounting the LIDAR.

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Hi @niharm and welcome to our forum!

Also, thank you for that information!