Rover1 el es la adaptación del primero

Rover1 (adaptación del primero)... con arduino nano micro. Se trata de un rover con orugas y dos servos de rotación continua. Dos sensores de ultrasonido y una LDR para la iluminación.. tiene gran tracción y fuerza... Mas en el video! Video: It is a rover with tracks and two continuous rotation servos. Two ultrasonic sensors and LDR for lighting .. has great traction and strength ... But in the video! Fotos...

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Nice bot !

Hi Watio, nice construction for this bot. 

This bot has great clearance under the chasis, there are no obstructions for the robot to get caught on.

The belt for the robot is interesting. It looks like a timing belt. can you tell us more about the belt/part number etc.

Hello Dicko, the strap is a

Hello Dicko, the strap is a webbing kit CEBEK brand, includes two pairs of straps and some pieces more … the robot built on a methacrylate plate, the servos are at the top, pulling the strap with a rubber wheels therefore has very good reduction and high strength … every game, right and left, is composed of two pulleys with bearings and a steel 4mm where they go together … is the skate of a door sliding elevator … ultrasonic sensors are adjusted at close range, so you can approach the obstacles like ramps 40 and 45, its center of gravity is low, the weight of the roller weight is … 1,5kgms about … the servos are 3.5kg / cm (normal) …

I hope I have helped a little … hehehehe …

Sorry for my English… :wink:


This is great!

I love this chassis.

I’d love to make something similar for the basis of a vacumming bot.

It is characteristic of all

It is characteristic of all my robots, lots of space at the bottom, ease obstacles and difficult terrain …

Is a good idea what the vacumming … hehehehe …

Thank you!!! :wink:

You’d be able to fit a

You’d be able to fit a really big intake for a vacuum on your chassis, and use servos t olift it when clearance is needed :slight_smile:

The battery is 7.4V 1200mA

The battery is 7.4V 1200mA … are independent cells three front and three behind … The battery can be replaced by 5000mA or more and add some cell more, having greater autonomy and supporting higher consumption. Maybe I add in the future small car vacuum cleaner …

The servos “t olift” do not know or did not understand well …

My English on the google … hehehehe …

Sorry for a bad English.


That should have said ‘to lift’ ha ha


Yes… You can do almost anything with this toy !!!

When you tiempor seguire with … and my other biggest project, I want to finish, but I have much yet …