Rover 5 Motor Issue?

Hello all

This is my first post in this forum and I hope you can help me. I just got a Rover 5 ( the 4 wheel edition) and the Dagu 4 channel motor controller.

Everything is connected with my Arduino Mega and I have no problems to control the motors and read the current amp value from the motors. I noticed that the motors are consuming up to 1.6 A and I think this is too much ? The Rover was not touching the ground and the default chain was mounted on the tire ?

Should I try to make the chains more loose ?
I also noticed that when I just power one motor it is possible that this motor is running very slow (PWM between 150 and 200 in my tests).Is this normal ?
I use 6 x LR6 1.5 batteries (new ones ) maybe this is not correct ?

If you have any ideas I would thank you in advance.


Regards from Germany :)



Rover 5

I´m using 1.5V alkaline batteries in Germany this are called LR6 in total they have 9,5V (first start) but now they have around 8,04. I will try to change the position of the tire to reduce the strech.

Could I use this X-Cell RC Pack 9,6V 2000mAH NI-Mh as a power supply or what kind of rechargeable battery should I use ? The motor driver board can handle this input(up to 12 V as far as I remember) and the Arduino Mega also.


Batteries ?

Thank you for the reply.

Now i´m quit confused i should use NiMh batteries correct?
So when i would use 6 1.2V NiMh AA batteries like (german amazon has the same with 2000mAh) it should be fine ?

I ordered-Sanyo eneloop AA

I ordered
-Sanyo eneloop AA Mignon
-Technoline BC 700

should be correct or at least i hope it :wink: