ROV parts

I'll do some research into building a ROV.

I'll start by finding nearby vendors and usefull online tips.

Since I live in Norway many of the links posted here will be worthless for anybody but myself, but then again, this is my blog, why should I care?

Relay Wiring for "H" Bridge Relays

tube for sceleton

tube bends

other tube bends

gummipakning (you know you've always wanted one)



mounting clamp

Bilge pump

Joystick from elfa 242,- (bryter-manøvreringsutstyr-styrespaker)

Thumbstick from elfa 31,50 (bryter-lavspenning-flerakslet)

3-pos switch fom elfa 90,60 (bryter-lavspenning-vipp-vippeström-40mm)


this post will be edited a lot

It would probably be cheaper to buy a kit...