Routerbot (Without hacking the router)

I am intending to build a routerbot. This is my design idea. This is my first major robot so please comment and suggest if even the slightest urge arises.

I will call the robot flat friday.

Design brief so far...


What I want the chassis to look like (minus the gun)

My inspiration for the robot.


NOTE: These are not my robots. These are other peoples robots.



  1. Differential drive 4x ports driving relays
  2. Headlights 1x port driving relay
  3. Accelerometer 2x ports
  4. Siren/horn 1x port driving relay
  5. Camera Running through LAN
  6. Termsistor and LDR running on analog
  7. Ethernet shield Using 4x digital ports (10, 11, 12, 13)
  8. Live connection between arduino and laptop, allowing me to drive it and recieve it's data anywhere in the world.

Parts List:

  • Arduino Duemilanove
  • Memsic 2125 Accelometer
  • Linksys router (WRT54G)
  • Arduino ethenet shield.
  • A cheap IP camera. (any ideas?)
  • 2x fast, but powerful motors (any ideas?) [remember the car is going to be the length of your arm]
  • A Rechargable lead acid battery 12V DC Capable of powering router at 12V .5A, camera at 5V .5A, headlights and motors for a resonable length of time. EG: >=30min (ideas anyone)
  • 2x Headlights, They will probably be 12V krypton or maybe halogen.
  • 12V 120ma 110DB Piezo siren. Aready bought. REALLY loud.
  • Termsistor (ideas anyone?)
  • LDR (Got heaps)
  • Very large R/C wheels suited for dirt and Ashphalt. (Ideas anyone?)

Remember I don't live in america so things are alot harder to obtain.
Does anyone know of a better way to drive the motors short of a motor controller?

Has anyone else done this? if so, do you have any advice?






I’m guessing here. A
I’m guessing here. A router bot is used to extend the area a bot can be remotly controlled? Or give free WIFI? heheh thanks for posting your project !

Objective of Bot
A router bot is like a R/C car with other functions (like headlights, sensors etc) that is driven over a wireless internet connection (WiFi. This allows me to drive it over the internet by connecting the bot to any internet connection. Then I can drive it up to 1km away from the wireless connection. (I am intending to majorly hype up reception on my bot with antennas and all sorts of simple boosters). You could use it as a portable internet connection if you wanted to or a wiFi repeater station, even a wiFi jamming signal. The great thing about this project is that it is extemely flexible. All the infastructure has been implemented, you just have to operated it.

$ saver

you gould get the duemilnove for 10 bux less @

try it

Thanks, I’ll give that a go. There’s still a long way to go to the buying stage though…