ROS2 for just the servo

Hi @geraldinebc15

I have the 4dof arm (for which you’d helped me with the ROS2 setup). I am now reconfiguring some of the servos for other purposes.

Was wondering if you had the ROS2 definitions for just 1 servo. Want to use that to build up the set differently.


Hello @vjmn

I don’t have an example for just for one servo but this launch has a setup for two servos:

This file is related to that setup:

The joints used for that example are:
- J0
- J5
Which are the servos with IDs 0 and 5

These are also used for that example, as you can see it uses an RRbot (rotational, rotational configuration)

I hope that helps!

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Thanks a lot for this :slight_smile: