Room Mapping Arduino Robot

This project uses an Arduino robot running a ESP-8266 Node MCU that communicates (and drives around) with a mobile phone. The phone is running an app made in the video game engine Unity 3D that does 3 things:

1.) The first scene allows you to drive around the robot with a camera feed going back to your computer. You can use the arrow keys to drive it around in any direction and the video feed allows you to keep driving even when the robot is out of sight.

2.) The second scene allows the robot to track anything you put in front of it. You can click the screen to initialize the tracker and then the robot will follow around that object.

3.) The third scene allows you to drive the robot with your computer using the arrow keys. The app uses an augmented reality SDK to find the walls and ceiling which it sends back to your laptop giving you a digital representation of your environment.


ESP-8266 Node MCU

l298N Motor Driver:

Assorted Arduino Wires:

Robot Chassis, wheels, battery:

Unity App:

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Pretty cool!

Any plans to use it for 3D Mapping?

Really, really cool

Really, really cool stufff.  

Going with AR is not anything I have thought about.

So cool.