RobotShop Unveils New Web Platform & "Robot App Store"

RobotShop is very excited to unveil the 5th major upgrade to the website with a completely new user interface and search engine, as well as the new “RobotShop App Store”.

You may have noticed the recent changes to the appearance of the RobotShop blog and now the entire site has taken on this fresh new look, filled with new functionality. Take a look at the before and after for a sample product description:

Some highlights include:

]’s new portal page shows the three main facets of our store to help you, our customers, quickly narrow your search based on general product type. /:m]
]The unified page header allows for seamless navigation across RobotShop sites and includes a prominent search field to help you find the products you are looking for. Use the top menu bar to navigate easily between the e-commerce site, community pages, RobotShop services and the new “Robot Apps” sections. /:m]
]There is now a filter on the left of the page which displays all categories. This feature allows you to quickly narrow the results to the relevant categories, and then use the refined search (price, sale and more) to find exactly what you want. /:m]
]The new product page design is modern and straightforward, fills the entire screen, and loads quickly. Unlike the previous site, all information about a product can be found on a single page rather than tucked away in various tabs. /:m]

On this momentous occasion, we are also launching the “RobotShop App Store”. The previous App Store has been merged into the main RobotShop platform. This will become the “one stop shop” for robotic software applications which can be purchased alongside parts and kits.

This is a major technology upgrade for the RobotShop web platform and will enable us to incorporate even more new functionality in the near future. We encourage you to visit the new site and use the orange icon on the bottom right corner to leave your feedback and comments.

I hope the new site also includes a spell checker for the newsletters as there seems to be pleinty issues there.