RobotShop Announces VIP Repair Services for their Customers Only

[size=2]RobotShop Distribution announces today important changes to the [/size][

[size=2]RobotShop Robot Hospital[/size][size=2]. RobotShop will now be offering their very unique repair services to customers that have purchased their robot through them only. [/size][size=2]Repair services[/size][size=2] will no longer be available for customers who bought their robots elsewhere whether it is under warranty or not.[/size][size=2][/size][size=2]RobotShop will concentrate on offering high quality services to their customers and will continue offering their free [/size][size=2]Roomba [/size][size=2]5 year warranty[/size][size=2].[/size][size=2]“We are very excited to centralize our focus on offering unmatched high quality services to our customers. We are also proud to offer unique services to customers loyal to RobotShop.“ Said the RobotShop Repair Team. [/size][size=2]With this intention of offering incomparable services for their customers, RobotShop has modified their repair services. Customers will now be able to ship their robot with a copy of their original invoice without any initial order. This will save customers time and allow for only one quick transaction once their robot has been verified.[/size][size=2]RobotShop[/size][size=2] will continue optimizing their processes to offer fast and reliable repair services for their loyal customers. RobotShop customers are VIPs from now on. [/size][size=2]You buy at RobotShop, we support you.[/size]****[size=2][/size]](

Do you repair items your sell but not bought in your store?
If so, how do I contact you and send the item?
It is a Smartpool 11i Scrubbing Robot Pool Cleaner

Product Code : RB-Spr-29

Thank you

@jaywortsman, we do not repair robots that have not been purchased with us. You can contact the Support Center to open a ticket, we can help you troubleshoot the robot and provide the replacement parts for it.