Robotic operating system (Ros)

Hi is Ros worth learning does it have scope ,can we earn good after learning it or it is just a normal tool which is not very useful

@Sanand ROS is used quite a lot at higher level universities for robotics research, and is incredibly good for integrating complex parts from a variety of suppliers. It is one of the best “all purpose” robotics platforms out there, but at the same time, because of the complexity, takes quite a bit of programming knowledge to properly understand and work with.

You mention “earnings”, so you’ll need to understand the types of companies which might hire ROS developers:

  • R&D companies and integrators to create custom software solutions
  • Government research & science research
  • Companies which have universities as their main customers

You may also want to first understand ROS (play with it a little), then learn (and master) one or two of the more basic programming languages it uses.

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I think I am hearing the term ROS for the first time. Thanks to both of you.

Hi @Sanand if you are looking for a ground up overview of ROS & ROZ2 these folks below have the most comprehensive learning/simulation platform. They are expensive but offer a lot of the starting material for free.

Key thing it to install Ubuntu on a PC and then on a RaspberryPi4 and them load ros2 onto each and get topics and nodes setup and get messaging going between the two devices. There seem to be loads of libraries already available in ros which limits the amount of C++ or even python needed.

Thank you so much for your answer mr @cbenson😇

Thank you so much for your answer [email protected]