Robotic eyes.

This is a project to be mounted on a robot I'm building. These two robotic eyes, made very little money (just look at the list of materials used) and very easy to build. More information at: Greetings!

I really want to do an

I really want to do an animatronic Halloween decoration this year. Thanks for posting.

I did check out your site, and can work out quite a bit despite the language barrier. However, could you add more detail on this page, and maybe a video of it in operation?

Robotic eyes

I’m glad you like it, ignoblegnome. These robotic eyes are part of a robot waiter I’m doing and that will end soon or at least I hope so.When this happens I will put several videos to share with people and explain many details of the project. I know that my English is notvery good and sometimes use the google translator. Greetings. :wink:

Amazing Work.

I love how compact and simple, yet functional the design is. Would you have a chance to put up a video please? Or maybe some higher resolution pictures? I’d love to build some of these for myself.